About Me

In May 2018, I completed my Ph.D. in Stony Brook University’s English Department with a specialization in Early American Literature. My dissertation is entitled, “Ephemeral Literature and Liberties: Early American Periodicals and the Development of American Identities.” My research areas are many: nationalism, regionalism, identity, transnational literature, newspapers, ideology, and the nineteenth-century literature of marginalized groups, to name a few. I hold an advanced graduate certificate in teaching writing, another in digital humanities, and I have professional GIS experience turning research data into digital/mobile maps.

I teach 100, 200, and 300 level courses, including Intro to Composition, Intro to Fiction, Intro to Drama, World Mythology, Ancient World Literature, and special topics in Early American Literature. Experiential learning is a big part of my pedagogical strategy- it makes everything more engaging and more rewarding!

I currently have two professional appointments: one as Digital and Applied Learning Specialist in Stony Brook’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), and the other as an intern on the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio & Fellows team.