About Me

In May 2018, I completed my Ph.D. in Stony Brook University’s English Department with a specialization in Early American Literature. My dissertation is entitled, “Ephemeral Literature and Liberties: Early American Periodicals and the Development of American Identities.” My research interests are many: nationalism, regionalism, geography, identity, cartography, newspapers, ideology, and the nineteenth-century literature of marginalized groups, to name a few. I hold an advanced graduate certificate in teaching writing, another in digital humanities, and I have professional GIS experience turning research data into visually comprehensible digital maps.

I teach 100, 200, and 300 level courses, including Intro to Composition, Intro to Fiction, Intro to Drama, World Mythology, Ancient World Literature, and special topics in Early American Literature. I’ve found teaching to be extraordinarily rewarding on both a daily and a long-term basis. It’s a daily challenge to create informative, interesting, and meaningful lesson plans for students, and there’s no better feeling than walking out of a classroom knowing that you’ve succeeded by reaching student minds in a new way.

Long before I began my Ph.D. at Stony Brook, I earned my B.A. at Tulane University in New Orleans, where I double-majored in English and Classics. I later returned to Tulane for my M.A. in English. Living in New Orleans was a transformative experience. I began my studies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, so community service and public outreach were major aspects of my college experience. Since then, I’ve found my sense of civic engagement and responsibility growing as I blend my personal experiences with professional research in the literature, history, and politics of early America. This extends to my role as a citizen and community member as well as my role as a researcher and educator. The idea of merging my research with public platforms and programs is becoming increasingly solidified in my short- and long-term plans. This blog is one way to start!

When I’m not at school or busy reading, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, triathlons, and photography, and I have served as president and treasurer to the Stony Brook English Graduate Society, and as second vice president and director to the Nassau Community College Alumni Association.