Presenting at the Long Island GIS Conference

Yesterday, I gave a brief, 5 minute lightning talk at the Long Island GIS Conference. I was one of four students invited to present, and it was a great experience: 1) because it isn’t very often that we students get to showcase our work to a real audience, let alone an audience of about 75 that is actually interested in our work, and 2) because I received a lot of positive feedback and interest from audience members during the Q&A session.

Presenting at the LIGIS Conference on 11/16/16

My presentation was about the practical process behind the creation of the storymap that I built over the summer as part of an application to the NYS and National Registers of Historical Places for local sites in the Three Village Area (see my post on the CUNY Public History Collective Conference for a more in-depth look at the project). Many thanks to my professor, Sung-Gheel Jang, for all of his help in this project. Below is an instructional video that I made for anybody interested in using ArcGIS for something similar.

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