Finishing Winter Break, Beginning the Spring Semester (With a Snowstorm!)

My contract with the Stony Brook Research Foundation for the work I’ve been doing was only valid for a certain period of time over winter break, since my work for them cannot overlap my regular work (teaching). So, I finished up my work for the History Department on Friday. It was a great experience for me in terms of learning different research methods, catching a glimpse of local history (which is a big interest of mine), and meeting new people who I’m sure will be helpful in future projects. I’m hoping that our tentative plans to renew my contract after the spring semester will go through. I am, however, hoping that I’ll have a teaching position at Stony Brook for Summer Session 1, and I’m not sure whether those contracts will conflict.

I’ve been so excited to get back into the classroom and begin teaching again this Tuesday morning, but look at this, a giant snowstorm headed our way:Blizzard Warning

So, of course, the semester will begin with two days of class cancellations: Class CancellationsI’m not super worried, though. A quick adjustment on my course syllabus will take care of all the scheduling issues, and this will give me a few extra days to read for my upcoming Comprehensive Exam. Here’s a favorite song of mine that will be appropriate for the next few days:

I’ll leave you with this for now. Enjoy, and stay warm!


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